Hi, I was married for 2 months, which was 3 yrs back. I later put my profile on the matrimony site and found the guy who was also a divorcee. We both liked each other and thought of meeting. We were quite compatible and were very much like friends. We started meeting regularly and came very close. I use to keep talking to him about marriage but he kept saying that marriage was useless and now a day there is no commitment. He was in 2yrs of marriage, which broke due to long distance. It took him lot of time to recover from the first marriage. After I went around for 2 and half months, he had one of his friends coming to his place who also has going through some marital problems. His wife has left him so he has come to my boyfriends house to stay as my guy as his own flat so he keeps telling him about his wife threatening him. Since then things have been very different between us. There was a two weeks of distance between us. After which I expressed myself stating that he has changed but he said that he has not. After which I also told him that he never speaks to me of marriage for which he one day opened up stating that he is very confused and doesn’t know whether he wants to go ahead with marriage or wants a live in relationship. I was shocked and felt cheated. I was wandering as to why he put up his profile on the site. He is a very spiritual guy who was in lot of depression when his 1st marriage broke and has come long way and has changed himself for good. The current situation is that he has told me that he needs time to think and hence he is taking his time. It feels the distance is growing becoz we rarely meet and he doesn’t discuss about our relation. I am really not sure what’s in his mind and do not know how to deal with this. He is not ready to talk about it and he is not what he was when I had met him. Whenever I cry or get worried about us, he tells me not to be so attached and tells me that let things happen naturally and do not worry. Relationships are not so delicate that they will break. I am so confused…plz help!!

Give him the time he wants. Do not sit on his head to have his decision. At the same time convey him clearly that you are not interested in live in relationship. Let him feel your absence by keeping your self at some distance and restricting your communications. Do not worry that he will run away. If he has to, then let him. Sensible guys always turns back.