Hi, I’ve been seeing one girl for the past year. When we initially got into the relationship we both said it was for fun. But now things have got very serious and her parents want us to get married. The problem is; she has had a very promiscuous past, where she has been sexually active with more than 5 men. I don’t know whether I can deal with this and how to tell my family this?

Both of you were into the relationship for fun, then you need to understand that it cannot go long way. Particularly this is more so when you are aware about her promiscuity. You have to manage your parents, respectively; by whatever way you think the best e.g. faking break up etc. But clear opinion is not to marry with her, husband can never live comfortably with promiscuous wife even if it is her past. You and other readers may find it bitter but this is the fact of life.