Hi, I’ve been married for over 6 yrs and known my husband for almost 15 yrs. We have a happy married life, and a small child. Recently, however, I sensed that my husband was very disinterested, aloof and later found out that he is having an affair with someone at work. I feel shocked, humiliated, cheated and helpless – I ask him to stop and he is unwilling to. I don’t want to uproot our child, and move to my hometown. Moreover, I cannot just walk out on him. What should I do? I feel suicidal sometimes and I am very helpless about how to sort of this situation. Pls help.

You should have not left him. This attitude serves as a breather and very relieving for the men. Go back as soon as possible. Try to talk to that woman in a sensible way. Being a woman, she may understand your feeling better (I’m sure you must have had hard time convinceing your husbund). You may speak to his friends and concern relatives (although doing this may invite some fights between two of you) and expose him in such a way that he feels ashamed of what he has done.