Hi! I need an advice on breaking up during the holiday season. Specifically, how can one end a long, intense romantic relationship with finesse if the break should happen during the holiday season? (It’s tricky this time of year, with Thanksgiving, religious holidays, and of course the New Year kiss). And how does one rebound with the New Year’s positive attitude? Thank you!

Breaking up with finesse requires maturity and understanding in both of you. When you have said that it is long intense romantic relationship, I’m sure you and your partner must have good understanding. Now if you have decided to break up, then discuss your intention with him. Whatever logical reasons backing your decision should be put foreword to him. You have to decide proper time and place to discuss this. You also need to frame your words so that you should not hurt him. Once you have decided to end up, then you should remain firm on your decision. Holiday season should not make you weak, even its tricky time. Once you have handled with successfully, without any emotional conflicts, you are ready to rebound with positive attitude.