Hi, I’m a 21yr old guy. I’m in love with a great girl. It’s been 10 months in a relationship. Initially I was very excited and happy about the relationship. I thought my girlfriend and me are the best couple around because we never used to fight or have misunderstandings etc. we always used to sort things in a very civilized way. Now days I’m beginning to feel that our love is slowly fading away, we are almost all the time mute on the phone. Not knowing what to talk about. We are getting frustrated about it and end up fighting. Whenever we meet, we end up having sex every time. We don’t talk much to each other. I feel that only a physical relationship is left in us. I really want her in my life. I made up my mind to marry her in future, but things are going on like this! I’m really scared it might not work… please help me out.

Both of you should sit together and have to do serious introspection of your relationship. Try to find out whether any one of you losing interest in relationship and if yes, then try to find out reasons behind it. You seem to be very eager in going further in to the relationship, but you need to check on her part. If both of you are equally eager, then this should have not happen (not at least in 10 months). Stop directing your frustration in physical way; it seems to be a merely mechanical act in your relationship.