Hi. I’m a 17 year old girl. My boyfriend a Kenyan guy but the only problem is that my mother is racist. Therefore, she hates him. This is leading to many problems between both of us. She is not willing to accept the fact that he is my boyfriend. No one else in my family has a problem with this. She’s going mad whenever she sees him. What can I do to make her understand? I suffer from bipolar disorder and she says that’s the reason why I’ve fallen for such a guy. When she says such things, I really feel very bad.

Racial prejudices are difficult to resolve. I think to make her understand this can be real tough job.
It is not necessary that you are hooked up because of your illness. But try to take other people’s (those who know you well) opinion also. If they also feel that it’s true then give a thought to it. Otherwise if you are really comfortable with the guy then you may think of going ahead.