Hi, I got married 4 yrs back which was a love marriage and we have a daughter. After 1.5 yrs my husband passed away and after that after 2yrs I got married again with a guy who worked with me, as a friend we use to have long chats and at one stage he proposed me. We believe that we have some basic understanding and we believe we can adjust things to live a peaceful life. Now he wants me to be very strict to my daughter who is 2.5 yrs old. Basically he is very adamant and never likes to listen to my explanation. I’m confused that I can’t make him to understand that she is very young to be stricter and I’m not able to make my daughter to understand the situation. How to handle this? And also guide me, what is the correct age to tell my daughter about my past life.

Males and females are different as friends and typical as husband & wife, this is universal phenomena. I’m surprised that he wants you to be strict with your daughter; most commonly husband keeps on advising wife to go softer with kids. It is a mother who is practically stricter with child, father’s strictness theoretical. Exceptions are always there as statistical rule. I’m not sure on what issues he wants you to be strict so difficult to suggest specific points. You can tell her about your past life when she grows beyond 10. Exact age depends upon her maturity level, emotional growth, her personality, her surroundings etc.