Hi dr, I’m loving a girl from last one year. I started loving without seeing her and lately I saw her. She loves me too, and I approached my family regarding this. They are not ready for this relationship, as I have to complete my Engg. and the caste issue. Even her parents were also not agreed initially but now they are ok. Sometimes I feel that I should not get married, as I am not well settled. I need some time. If she continues to talk to me, I feel that I may miss her later on. With this thought I restrict her and she feel bad about it.

First, you have to decide that whether you want to marry her, as you look confused about it. If you want, then whether you can go against your parents wish. If you do, then ask her to keep patience until you finish your study and be self-dependent. However, if you don’t; then have a courage to talk to her about the fact. It may be painful, as all break ups are, but this will prevent future suffering for both of you.