Hi Dr, I love a guy for past 5 years and I cannot live without him. Recently my parents invited his parents to our house and later my dad pointed out all his negatives and tells me that in future this relationship will not go good. He is not as smart as me and is not in good job as I. He is very caring but also he is very strict. He never allows me to wear light make up or even go to parties with my colleagues. He says I’m his life but now parents say they will commit suicide if I marry him. Almost all my family members are against him. Now a day guy is getting angrier on me. He fights with me for silly things. I’m totally confused as to go with him and leave my parents or to sacrifice my love for my parents

Parents do have lots of experience with life and relationships. You should always give a thought to their opinion and if you feel that there is a point in their opinion then you should take that very seriously. If he is strict, conservative, and overtly possessive then you should remember that these are the qualities which can create suffocation in relationship at some point of time. Always try to respect your family values, in a long run it pays. Try to take your final decision keeping these things in mind.