Hi Dr. I am in a love with a girl for past 2 yrs. After 7 months in my relation I came to know that she had affairs in her past life. I initially asked and she said it was casual friendship. On probing I found it was serious and asked again. She affirmed that she slept earlier with his ex-boyfriend. It was a break of trust but after her assurance I forgive and tried to rebuild my trust. I still have that complaint in my heart but never let that come out at least for last one year. We declared to friends and relatives that we are getting married almost a year back. I find her arrogant, spend thrift and ignorant of my feelings and complaining about everything. This part is affecting me more and I fear that this will affect my relation with her. We are soon to tie knot. How do you think I can try to fix this so it does not become blunder? Both of us know we are not made for each other. We never let parents feel that.

If both of you know that you are not made for each other then why are you getting married? If she has cheated you about her past, behaving in arrogant way, ignorant about your feelings and having lots of complaints then it is sure that your marital life will be tumultuous. Try to rethink before you take final decision.