Hi Dr. I am here again. I contacted you 6 months ago and explained these things, ours was arranged marriage, I had to come abroad, our personality didn’t match, and husband didn’t show interest in sex. I am a good looking lady etc. You said he might be suffering with some physical problem. But he is not, he is a healthy person. Now it’s been 16 months of our marriage, we still live like good friends, I am a good homemaker, he takes care of me, and we don’t have problems with any of our parents/friends/relatives. But the only problem is that we never make love. There is no attachment between us. We hug; share decent kiss but there is nothing like passionate love. I tried a lot but he says he does not feel to have sex with me. Is he sick or what!!!I have made friends; go out with them, but dependent on him. He is 36 and I am 28.Now there is problem, we have single income, and it will take some time to get a good job for me unless I complete my studies. As well as have to plan for baby. He belongs to a very good family, He does not have financial problems but he wants me to work. I too don’t have problem with this. But I get nervous when he starts comparing me with his friend, their wives and other ladies over here. His social circle has changed because of me. He misses his clubbing, and I am not a party girl! And so he used to blame me and our marriage, I have made his life like hell! In the beginning I did everything for him, whatever he said. But now I think I am well educated why I should suffer! I am not responsible if he does not feel happy with me, it was his decision to marry me. I haven’t told these things to anyone but wanted to go back to India and complete my studies and make my career. I do not want divorce because I really love him but wanted to give him a lesson. May be he realizes what does marriage mean! What is the importance of wife, I have never been a demanding wife, I am so adjusting, social person. But he still thinks he has made wrong decision. I have my in laws support there. Now what should I do! Please help me

I still feel that he may have some physical or psychological problem like Erectile Dysfunction, Premature Ejaculation, Adjustment issues etc. Ask him reasons for this straight away. If he says that he doesn’t know then ask him to seek medical help to find out the reason.