Hi Dr. Hansal, if u found this mail a bit long, pls pardon. I am in love with a gal for past 3yrs, but suddenly things got worse n the gal broke up the relationship. Lastly she told she was not happy with me that’s why she is leaving, again she told I was not caring n loving. As a software engineer I had some tensions in my office that’s why sometimes I scolded her. Now all these things she stretched like anything & one more thing she always disliked my 2/3 frnds whom I am very close since the time of my Engg. the last time when she met with me she quarreled with me like anything, in the mean time I lost my temper n I slapped her. I know what I did that was wrong, even I beg pardon but the thing is that I love her more than anything, she came into my life after a similar incident before 3 yrs back when a gal ditched me. Now she is saying she is in love with another guy. I came to know when I saw her chat logs n even she is agreeing on this matter. I tried my best to make her understand how much I love her but all in vain. What should I do now? Now I am feeling like broken, still I love her more than anyone. I think am the guilty that’s why she left me, n she is telling the affair with other guy started just 2/3 weeks back. Even she hide me things like she used to go movie, doing shopping with that guy. But she is accusing me that coz of my fault she left me. This is the second time this thing happened with me. I am in trauma, plz help me out of this situation.

Where is the love? She is seeing someone else and you are obsessed, as you do not want second break up. There is no love; rather both of you are painfully connected. Do not feel guilty as blaming is a part of the break up. You should not be the victim of blame game played at break up. Accept the break up and separate gracefully.