Hi Doctor. May God Bless you for the good deed you are doing for the people like us. I wish to share my feelings with you. I am married for almost 2 years. I have a son also. I have a very strange problem. I very strongly feel why a woman has to bear more pain than man. Woman is considered to be weaker sex but they work more than man do. I am working in a corporate. I am expected to manage the baby & other household work when I am home & work when I am in office. I don’t understand when I & my husband come home at the same time from office, why is it that he takes rest , orders for water , tea & dinner and I am expected to make my own stuff as well as for him & my in laws however tired I am . I also need some rest. My in laws are very much against keeping a cook. I know every female has to do this but it is not fair. This is not just a feeling, it is so strong in my mind that I get irritated & take up fights with my husband. I always get a feeling that why should I suffer so much. I have to get up twice or thrice in the night , then get up early morning, make my own breakfast , do stuff for baby , travel on my own to reach office, work there, come back & work in the kitchen, if get free then manage the baby. I am not spared even on weekends while my husband takes rest when he is home. It is not that he or my in laws do not take care of the baby but the ultimate responsibility for everything is mine. If he is not feeling well, he can afford to take rest but I can’t. I want to overcome this negative feeling. I tried to raise the topic of maid at my place but it becomes an issue and we end up fighting. I try to accept that I should be doing it because it is my duty but these feelings never go. These thoughts are always there in back of my mind. I feel so disgusted. I start hating my in laws & my husband because of this. Even before marriage I used to compare myself with my brother and when my mom asked me to help her I used to refuse. Of course when I started working before marriage, there was a bit of attitude change in me but still could never accept the unfairness done to girls. Please advise how I should remove this thought from my mind.

You have to accept this as a part of our social structure and mentality. However, some males are very considerate and they share responsibilities on their own. You may try to convince your husband on this issue in a healthy manner instead of quarreling.