Hi doctor, I’m married 5 yrs back and have twin daughters. My husband is very dominant; he doesn’t share with me anything and not even speaks to me freely. He doesn’t respect my feelings. Now a day he avoids me even at night and says women should not insist for sex. I’m very much frustrated and can’t sleep as I miss his attention even at night. I’m from a caring family but he is just opposite. He says that men who respects wife are cowards and he would not give importance to my words. How can I tackle such a person? Now a day he beats me if I insist my views. In fact, he is well-educated software engineer but behaves as a countryman to me. He doesn’t respond to others advice. Pls give me suggestions to tackle him. He blames me that family women should not insist for sex, and he simply avoids me when I’m in mood and forces me to sex when I’m not interested. I love him very much, but his activities make me doubt whether he loves me. Is there any chance to change him?

Mutual respect for each other is prime requirement in loving relationship; unfortunately, your husband lacks it. If he is like this since beginning then you should consider it as a part of his personality. Otherwise, there has to be some reasons behind his attitude. You should discuss about his attitude and about how you feel because of such attitude. You have a chance if he opens up or discuss. Do not get irritated or show your frustration while talking to him. If he gets irritated, keep your cool. You may have to do repeated efforts to bring him to discussion.