Hi Doctor, I had a past where I had an affair with one of my friend and did have physical relationship too (but no intercourse). However, this never worked out. Now my marriage has got fixed. I decided to love my future husband truly and shared my past. However, he is not able to accept me. He cried and tried his best to accept me but every time he gets a little closer the doubt comes and he is unable to go ahead. Twice I allowed him to touch me with feeling of closeness, though no intercourse. I felt that he will be able to forgive me and we will be happy. However, it is not working so. Things go well to some extent, but the moment we grow closer the doubts keep coming to him. He says he will make it work. But when I read a few of your answers in your column, I feel I made a grave mistake by telling him my sinful past. I guess there’s no way out but to decide to be alone and embrace whatever best comes my way. My future husband, though knowing everything, keeps telling he wants to talk again on my past and clarify his doubts. Is it worthwhile trying to discuss it out or shall I just back out from the relationship and be alone forever? My work is heavily affected. Do help me doctor.

Dear you did a mistake by telling your past to him. Very few males on Earth will be able to accept and digest such facts gracefully; rest keeps on doubting in future. I do not think he will be able to come out from his doubting. Just back out from the relationship and start from fresh. Never try to be too honest, I might be teaching you to be dishonest but that’s the way life is!!