Hi doctor, I am married women since last 10 years. My marital life was peaceful. However, since last 3-4 years my husband has changed a lot. He insults me a lot. avoid me and does not take my care, even medically. I belong to good family, but still he is not treating me good in many matters. Now a day, he does not tell me many things, which he was used to share with me before. We do not have good sex too. When I want to talk to him on this, he will just leave or shouts on me. When I want to know his problem, he doesn’t want to share with me. Now a day we have lot of verbal fights. I don’t know what’s wrong with him, he just don’t want to talk on it. His behaviors suddenly change, now a day he goes out of the city for few days. Even I don’t want to have sex with him from last six months. What can I do to understand him and his feeling or problems? I just want to our marriage life should do fine; i love my husband so please tell me what I do now?

There must be some reasons for his aversion in relationship but difficult to judge what it is from your short mail. Don’t you have any slightest idea about it?! Just think over it, you may find some clue. There must be multiple reasons grown over a period. Possibility of an affair may not be ruled out. You may involve some one to whom he respects or close to both of you. You may directly ask him about his aversion, I’m sure you must have tried number of time. Until you know the reasons, it is difficult to go ahead.