Hi doctor, I am a girl aged 20 years. I have a brother, 22 years old. Here is my problem. When I am asleep, my brother used to touch all of my private parts and enjoy. Infect me too was enjoying this. I was acting as if I was asleep and allow him to do foreplays. This continued and I started to cooperate him. Now he makes me naked and licks my genital. I am unable to avoid this because I really enjoy. I am very much confused. Please advice me. I don’t want to continue this. He also has a habit of wearing my panties. I want to stop this. Please help me.

To me, having sexual relations with brother is unhealthy. You should stop even if you are enjoying. Tell him that you want to stop and do not cooperate rather oppose. Habit of wearing female’s cloths by male is sexual deviation and requires Psychiatric consultation.