Hi Doc, I am facing a very strange issue.I have done MCA and working in a MNC.During my MCA I had a affair for 2 months with my relative.He cheated me and had some type of physical relations with me like kissing,hugging and sucking(Not SEX).after this he said to me marraige is not possible so we should be seprated. After facing this breakup6-7 months I had a second affair.Whom I met on chat.He was living in mumbai and I was in Delhi.Initially he was also very good.But when ha came to meet 3 times.He also did kissing,hugging and everything except SEX.But in this relationship I never felt any happiness.After 1 year he said to me marriage is not possible.I tried to convince him nearly for 1 year.We again had the smae things 3 times. And I was so much frustrated with him that one day for a small issue I finished this relation.As I was not feeling any happiness in this relation,I got attracted towards my team mate in my company.I dont know what happend to me only in just ten days we did everything except SEX.And I told in my family too that I want to get married with him as in starting he said to me he wants to spend whole life with me.I dont know he told this in his family or not.But when I convinced my family members. He said to me my mummy is crying like anything and I cant go against of them.So we should be seprate now.Now my problem is this I am feeling myself a very bad girl.I am feeling my self like a CALL GIRL coz being so closer to anyone is not digested by me.Problem is this everyone know about this in my accomodation.I have to do work with him.My parents are also searching partener for me.I really love him alot.Please suggest me a way so that everything be fine and I can get married with him.

Probably your very early indulgence (2 months in first relation and 3 meetings in second relation) in activities like kissing, hugging etc might have given your wrong impression on them. They might have judged you as fast girl. No male would prefer fast girl as life partner, but enjoy making her their girlfriend.
Why you should feel that you are bad girl when the fact is, you always wanted to go for sustained relation and they took you for a ride.
If you really love him then leave him alone, stop running after him. Let him realize your worth, if he does he will be back otherwise he was never yours.