Hey I am shweta. I don`t know what has happen to me from the last one and half year. I just see a penis of any man, or a baby boy. Is this my imagination or a psychic disease? I am topper in my collage, am very good in studies. Day by day my disease is increased and I am suffering from another problem also that all my thoughts I can`t understand. I can`t study now but earlier I was crazy about my career, my mind always thought day “why could we used we for we”? That type of questions are running in my mind always, in the night I can`t sleep a sound sleep due to my nature and character is totally changing right now. I am not the same as I was before. I can`t be happy in any occasion, in anything and one thing more earlier I had also a physical relation with some guy from last 8 months when I thought that if I see the organ in original then I will be fine, but that is actually not working and I can`t understand what is actually happen to Me? I have tried to do suicide 2 times but did not succeed. Please help me and tell is this disease can be need of some medicines or is this disease is gone through some other ailment. I am still single and I was a very simple girl but now I have change. I literally hate myself because of that physical relation which I created with another guy. please help me I don’t want to spoil my career, I want to make my career, I had completed my MCA in aug-2009 and that disease is started from 27th dec,2008. Please help me

I think you are suffering from obsessive compulsive disorder. It can be cured with medications, your puzzling thoughts looks like obsessions. Please consult a nearby psychiatrist for the same.