Hello Sir, We are in a relationship from last 2yrs. And I am Maharashtrian boy n love a jain girl. My parents are ready for our marriage but biggest problem is her parents. They r very orthodox ppl. She is trying to convince them from last one year but no positive response. Also the topic starts once i.e. only one day n then it stops other day. In last one year it just happened for 4 times. She doesn’t have any support from her family. Her father is very short tempered. Her mother supports her a little. She is very depressed because of this. Her parents’ r not willing to meet me or my parents. So, do u think even though her parents r not ready to meet my parents, should my parents meet her parents? But what if they speak rudely n bad words n d situation gets spoiled? She has strong support from my family n I don’t want to spoil that. They r emotionally blackmailing her. She is firm enough to marry me but she also wants her parents’ agreement on our marriage and this is not very possible. She has tried each n every way of making her parents understand. Now even my parents are pressuring on getting us married. We r very much confused. Her caste is such that that even the ppl in her relation would speak ill about her n her parents. Marrying me would b little difficult for her parents too but then every one accepts it. But this is d reason she doesnt want to run away n marry bcos of her narrow-minded family bcos they will talk so much non-sense. On the other hand if we marry in a festive manner so people will speak but not much. also they dont have to live shamefully for sum months. Please help us out. Should v wait for some more time? Should I go n meet his parents? Should our parents meet? We don’t think running away is a good idea and we want that it should happen love cum arranged marriage. Pls sir pls help us. The situation is so much bad. Please advice us. Please.

Any one, you or your parents; going to her parents should be mentally prepared to take an insult from them. If you are not, then do not go to talk to them.  If they behave in insulting way and if you are not prepared to take that, then it will generate bitterness in your relations.
If you are not in favor of running away, then it is a game of patience and firmness on either side. Who so ever keep more patience and show more firmness will win. During this waiting period both of you should be integrated and should not succumb to any pressure tactics, may be emotional or physical.
You can not wait endlessly. You may give dead line to them so that they will be pressurized to take some decision.
Caste and relatives can not be pleased, any way!