Hello Sir, My sister-in-law is very intruding. She keeps inviting us to her place and when we visit her we can never leave without spending night (weekday) or whole weekend, irrespective of time, situation and mood. Both of us prefer staying at home and enjoy each others company. But every week there will be a visit or will be planning for a future visit. Another issue with her seems that she wants to be informed about everything going on in our lives and if by any chance she gets the information little late or from another source, she says “U didn’t tell us?” oozing with sarcasm. Funny part is that if we don’t ask about her life (we hardly do) she will say “U didn’t ask”? Then another thing is the need to be called almost everyday. Even if we miss call her one day next day she will call and say “U guys don’t call” and believe me sir, we have never called anybody more than her, he doesn’t talk with any of his friends, I don’t talk with my friends and family (I believe that if relationship is strong enough then u can take privilege of ignoring people you really care for) but to her we have to call every alternate day if not every day. My husband stopped actively involving with her long ago but after our marriage we had to shift within an hour drive and her nagging started. I am in a better position as I get to hear mellowed down versions of remarks but poor guy gets it raw, and he is too polite to tell his elder sister about her habit(she has other problems as well in her own life but this falls under our lives). Can you imagine we told everyone that we want to spend some time with each other (he is in touring job) in all possible polite ways but she keeps making plans on her own. I thought that may be the parents demise have made her insecure about family but from the feedback I got its her old problem of being center of attraction and getting frustrated if she is not. We can not tell her to visit psychiatrist (she gets huge mood swings plus life has not been very easy for her). I feel sorry sometimes for her but it gets irritating sometimes. Please advice us what should we do. Thank you very much.

Ignore her smartly, innovatively, bluntly or sometimes brutally. You may have to face initial tantrums from her but if both of you are unanimous  on the issue it won’t matter to you.