Hello sir, I’m in a big trouble. Actually I’m in a relationship with a guy and we both love each other a lot. We also decided to marry but the day I talked with him about my past that I was in a relationship with some other guy, he is totally lost. He is not eating, not caring what is going on and when he is with me he seems he is absent. I asked him to leave me or marry someone else but he responded that he would die without me . I don’t know what should I do, please suggest me.

It seems that he is not able to digest your past. Give him some time, so that possibly he can digest the same and get over it. Try to make him understand that if he has to accept you, he has to accept your past as well. Do not try to justify your past as he needs to accept it as a fact. Just in case; he is not able to get over this then you shouldn’t impose yourself on him.