Hello Sir, I’m from London. I’m married for the past 5 years and we have a 3 1/2 yr old son. My husband has a flirty string and he always ends up with women coming behind him or sending flirting messages. He does not love them but enjoys the attention. I once found this and we had fights. After this, he was quite normal. However, he has again started flirting and he gets these messages in his phone from a girl. If I ask him, he says its nothing. This is driving me crazy. I’m happy to get separated or divorced because I cannot continue living like this. I need a man who not only loves me but also faithful and who does not flirt. He sometimes says that I need a Psychiatrist help. Please advise me as what I should do.

If he says, it’s nothing then ask him why he is doing so? Tell him very bluntly that you do not like this, and you want it to be stopped. You can talk to the girls involved, explaining that he is married, has one son and because of her marriage is in problem. You should be very friendly with girls involved (this is very important to awake woman inside her) and disclose his flirty nature. I’m sure any sensible girl will stop that.