Hello Sir I’m a big fan of yours. I want your advice for my problem. Sir, I’m MBBS doctor. from the 1st yr of MBBS I was in love with one of my class mates .Just before 2 yrs we got married after completion of our internship…Now sir the problem is that we have married against my parents’ permission. So we have no relation with my family since last 2 yrs…And sir I love my papa so much. I can’t live without him and also not without my husband. Now my papa is telling me that I will accept you only, not you’re in laws or your husband. I asked my husband for that so he told me to choose any one of them either papa or me…So sir I’m suffering from depression due to that…How can I choose any one sir…????Sir please help me…All joys of my life have gone due to this…both my papa and my husband love me so much and need me though they are doing this to me…Is it fair sir? What is the solution of all this?? Would have I to live with this situation lifetime…? I can’t explain anyone and can’t tell anyone who can solve my problem…If you will help me somewhat, I will really feel good. Thanks sir.

You should have thought this before getting married. Anyway, now your husband should support you on this as you didn’t cared about your father’s love and got married against his wish. If you husband is truly loving you then he need to understand that you left your father for him and now it is his moral duty to help you to normalize your relationship with your father. He has snatched you from your parents and not your father. So if anyone has to let go or apologize then it is your husband and not your father.