Hello sir, I m 24years old girl. I always feel very lonely. I got so many failure and also success. But it’s my habit to see failure only. My friend says that pls if u get achievement than at least give urself a credit. But I always criticize myself. I never give credit to myself. Even though people always says that I m very intelligent and beautiful but I think I don’t deserve my success. And all the people only lying to me. I have become so much short tempered now a day. And I don’t have any self-esteem at all. I feel so much inferior. Even though I m coming from medical background I feel scared to consult doctor. am I in manic depression? I need medicine to cure?? pls help me.

To ignore positive things and highlight negative things is human nature, but sometime it becomes your weakness. When you are a victim of this weakness, you start having negative views about yourself and finally end up with poor self-esteem.
This is not Manic Depressive Psychosis (Bipolar Mood Disorder, in recent terminology). You may take counseling for your problem, in person or online.