Hello Sir, I have been married for 1 year. I feel that my husband does not get physically attracted toward me. We love each other very much and he is very caring for me to the extent that he tries whatever he knows about the art of making love to give me maximum happiness but I feel that he doesn’t get satisfied as he would want to. After marriage it took me a month or so to become comfortable with male touch and he showed all the patience any man can ever show, giving me time to evolve, never forcing anything on me. I now feel it’s time that he should start getting rewarded but whenever I ask him what he wants me to do he says that he is okay with anything which gives me happiness and during process even I will be happy but I really don’t think that he gets what he wants but I can’t figure out how. He always wanted to marry a pretty girl with delicate body (he has been very vocal about it and I also find him admiring beauty like any other man) and I am nowhere close to that picture in any sense, and he is very good looking (on a scale of 10 in overall looks, he is 7 and I am 4). he started the relationship with me because he felt that I am level headed and emotionally stable person who can take care of him and his family (when I met him 3 years ago he was emotionally shattered due to many situations he didn’t deserve to be in) and I started because I felt that he is one of the most loving and caring man I have seen in my life. We grew together and relationship evolved into love and after 2 years we decided to get married. I know for a fact that no matter which surgery I undergo or which fairness cream I apply I can never be close to him or his expectation. I tried watching funny stuff with him in anticipation that may be that excites him but we lost interest very soon. Please tell me what should I do to know what he wants and ensure that he gets it. I don’t want him to end up in dissatisfying marriage.

You may not meet his expectations as far as physical look is concern but you can definitely satisfy his emotional needs. He started with a wish that you will be emotionally stable and will take care of him & his family. So now try to make him happy on that front.