Hello Sir, I have a Christian boyfriend and am a Hindu. He was my phone friend 3 years back. And after a week of knowing each other, he proposed me. I said you are from different religion and my parents might not agree for marriage and we might not adjust due to differences in culture and values. But he forced me a lot; to say yes. Finally I felt let go and see. Somehow I was not very comfortable in the beginning as I had not seen him once also. I insisted him on meeting once. But he refused. We were in touch only on calls almost one year and I also started liking him a lot after that. I could not lived a day without talking to him over phone. After a year, we meet once. That time he did not like me and stop talking to me suddenly without giving a reason. By then I was in deep love with him and had trusted him. I had thought that whatever be the circumstances, I will adjust and be happy with him. I wanted to know the reason why he ditched me. But he changed phone number. I could not take this rejection by him and went into depression. I developed respiratory problems due to over stress. Somehow I controlled my self after 6 months and started living life with a fresh mind. When I was out of the crazy love, he came back and forced me to love him again. He was very rude and didn’t give me reason for why he didn’t talk to me all these months. He ordered me saying “so what, I am sorry for that. So now what’s your problem? I didn’t like his behavior. After that day he called me daily and hurt my feelings and tried to bring the dead love in me. Till today, we both have been talking to each other but only fights. We did meet only once or twice in a year for the rest 3 years. These days I’m observing that we both are not matching on values and cultures. At times it leads to abusive talks by both and end up in arguments. It is going the worst way I feel. I am not able to trust him this time. I fear he might ditch me again. So I didn’t want to fall in love. But when I remember my past, sometimes I feel for that. So I’m not able to decide I should go for him or not. I foresee the risk. But I feel he loves me this time and that’s why he came back. He is asking me for marriage plans. This shows he is serious. But the beginning was so bad that we actually decided lets be partners and then learnt about each other. But till today lot of arguments happen. Problems are listed below. Please refer. Please help. Some of the problems are: 1. He is telling me to convert which I don’t like. I don’t want my kids also to be converted to other religion in future. I want to bring up my kids in my culture and practices. 2. I insisted him to stop drinking alcohol and smoking. I gave him 3.5 years but don’t see any signs of relief. Although I see the reduction in the habits, he broke his promise and has no guilt with the habits. He says – “what big deal. That’s all common these days”. He never understands that it hurts me and I don’t want him to be unhealthy. It’s for his well being. 3. Communication – If I ask a question, he doesn’t reply with clarity and leads to arguments. 4. I want a post graduate and well educated mind. I insisted him to go for distance learning way. But he is not interested in learning anything new. 5. If I tell him to improve on an aspect, he rejects and not interested in learning and better way of life.

All that I feel is he doesn’t have your value and respect for you. It is difficult to lead happy married life with this type of partner. You should not go further.