Hello Sir, I had been in a relationship with a guy who is 12yrs elder to me. He masturbates whenever he feels sexually aroused. We meet very occasionally, but he never shows any interest in intimacy or anything. He always blame me that you don’t talk and you are not interested or you cannot satisfy man, and he always says that he want to see me with other men in bed. And always ask me to do so, also he disclosed that he doesn’t like female sexual organ. What should I conclude from his behavior, this makes me upset all the time also he has habit of taking drinks, is he normal or suffering from some problem. Please help me out for my problem.

He does not like female sexual organs, not interested in you physically, want to see you with other men; putting all these things together one can suspect that he might be sexual deviant. When he does not have attraction for you and has no hesitation to ask you to be in the bed with men then why you should stay in that relationship?