hello sir, I had a affair for 5 years. We had several fights on common woman issues like m not loyal, I don’t love her n many things. Ultimately, I had a break up. We had physical relationships n only good thing we use to have was sex. She used to care a lot about my sexual requirements. Well after my breakup, I was attracted towards a girl who was studying in m.b.b.s but she was having an affair with a Muslim married person. She was physically attached also. She use to say that she did not know that he was married. but the guys friend tell that they told her many times but she use to ask that guy n he denied. Even his engagement pics were shown to her but somehow the person denied. Their relation was much-tensed n ultimately I helped her to come out of that relation. During this time, I shared my feeling about my old affair with her n she also told me each n every thing. According to her, she never enjoyed the relationship n she wanted to come out but was not having any way. However, I told her genuinely about my attachment. We proposed each other n after 2.5 years we married each other with our family consent. My parents also know all the things about her past. After 15 days I told her that she is 90% like my old girlfriend n should change herself as I was thinking seriously of marrying her. From that day problem started n she started blaming that I had compared her with my old girlfriend. From that day, she had made my life hell. When we married, I have promised to support her in her studies. I provided her all facilities but asked her to participate in household works only for 1-hour n rest she can study. She opposed that I have promised her to support her studies. From that day, she created another hell for me n my parents. for some days we had fights about the issue n ultimately she went to her parents home for preparing for p.g exams. she came back n when result came she blamed me that due to my fights she was not selected. Again, she started preparations n I don’t asked her to do any work. I use to travel for her exams every month n it disturbed my business also .n when we were at home she use to say everyone should do his own work thus she don’t do my work. I never objected forcefully. Now she is selected n joined also. She shared all her feelings to one psychiatrist friend of her father. He asked me n I explained all to him. Later he took no interest. She uses to share all things to one of her female friend. Then once she shared all her past n present to one guy in train later when I objected she denied to talk further to that guy on phone. Recently another friend of his father shared all things with her n when he visited our home she started that I have created problem in her studies. She shared with him from last 6 months. When I told full story to him he also said that she have no problem in my home. Sir I want to know what is her actual problem. She always complain that I compared her with my ex girl friend n I asked her to do household work. I don’t love her. I don’t support her studies. I don’t want a career oriented woman. She is emotionally so weak that any one can drive her by listening to her problems. She is very sensitive n very emotional. I am feeling very insecure. what should I do. I am feeling very dominated in my relationship. She blackmail emotionally. My parents also don’t want to say her anything. Is this because she stayed for 5 years in hostel? I can’t adjust more. Should I give divorce to her? Now she got accommodation in hospital n she don’t have lunch or dinner at home. I don’t want to compromise this time. I want to be strict n want to leave her for some days so that she can understand what family is. Being a career oriented is not a problem but being a only career oriented woman is a wrong decision. If she is in family then either participates a bit or should live in a hostel for whole life. Even I cant ask her that what’s her future plans for children otherwise she will again make my life a hell. She don’t want that anyone should interfere. she wants to live her life n others life according to her wish.

You both were heart-broken and hence got into the relationship. You should have realized that your goals in life were quiet different. Issues are related to her personality. Your problem can be worked out if both of you accept and decide to resolve it.