Hello Sir, I got married in last December i.e. 3rd dec.2007. My complexion is dark. My husband never wanted to marry with me but due to pressure of his parents he done it. His parents came to us frequently for marriage purpose. My parents saw a good family and my parents and me also knew it that he didn’t want to marry. But when he told that he is ready for marriage than every thing was ok. We used to talk to each other before marriage and never told any thing. Even after marriage his behavior was very good with me. He was a good husband, and also told me that he loves me and after 15-20 days he came back to nagpur and I stayed with my in-laws. Daily we were talking by phone and as I said he was good with me we are having sexual relation also and can say that daily we used to do it. After 3 months I am with him in nagpur and now his behavior is not good with me. He is giving me tension like he went out from house for whole night with his friends regularly, he never care what problem I am facing, he always fight with me and say that I am nothing. I am very bad, whatever I done he never appreciate. He always let me feel that I am bad from every point of view just because of color and whatever he says to me he really hurt me. When I say that give me divorce if you don’t like me. Then he says I can’t do it I can’t leave you alone the mistake is mine why you will suffer, but I am also suffering by his behavior. I am MBA in HR and doing job in same office where my husband works, I am unable to understand what I should do? Kindly help me and give a solution

He is not treating you rightly that is What I gathered from your mail. Reasons may be best known to him and not only your dark skin. First, ask question to yourself that why his behavior changed. If you find any reason in your attitude which might have caused this then try to rectify it. If you introspect and convinced that nothing from your side then tell him that his behavior is hurting you and you want to understand the reasons. Assure him of changing yourself if reason is pertaining to you. Insist on honest and clear discussion on the issue, if he tries to evade the discussion.
If nothing works out then you should be thinking of separation and not asking him to give divorce. Why you should ask him to give divorce, you should have courage to take decision and should not ask him to take that, which he is not going to do so long he is comfortable with the issue.