Hello Sir. I am really thankful about the advice that you had given me last time. Sir I have accepted the fact that the girl doesn’t feel for me anything and she will ever come back to my life. But sir, after that I have lost my mental peace. I am not able to concentrate on anything; I am having problems in sleeping and adjusting with this fact. I really love her sir with all my heart and somehow I can’t understand what she really wants from me. Whenever I try going away she comes and directly stands in front of me, by alighting a faint hope in me saying that things may still workout and after that I am again hurt. I have even told her this and she tells me that she said that she sometimes have mood swings due to which she talks to me like this. Well she says that she is sorry for whatever she has said in the past and is really good and nice to me then. I don’t know she is lying or she is saying the truth but the fact is whenever I talk to her once I feel like talking again and again with her, and then I suddenly realize that there is nothing going to happen so I again get depressed. It is taking a toll on my health and I am mentally very upset and confused. After coming in touch with her I have stared feeling like a failure. I know sir that I am acting paranoid. But sir things aren’t in my hands. Sir please help me I am in big mess.

Still you have not accepted fully that she is not for you. Why you should pay the price for her mood swings? Break all communications saying her that it’s all over and you cannot go on like this.