Hello Sir. I am in relationship with my boyfriend since 3 years, between he used to work and I was completing my P.G…. Now he has resigned his job and went out of town to find a good job, for better pay and growth. Fine I appreciate it but every time I ask him about marriage he says first let me get settled. I agreed for it. Some times he even says his parents will not allow marrying me if he goes against them they will harm their life … Then if he can’t convince his parents why did he fall in love with me. I feel like he only uses me. I asked him that then he says no he loves me lot… I am also madly in love with him now. But I want him to marry only me. Now my parents are looking for proposals for me, as they are not aware of my relationship… Should I trust this guy and wait till he himself comes with proposal of marriage to my parents or should I tell this to my parents so that they can speak to his parents.

I think your friend is not ready to get in a marital relation with you, so make sure about that as well as his willingness to go against his parents for you, this will give u an idea about what is he thinking. Then if he says he will marry only you after he is settled, then u can wait or just give him an ultimatum that I will send my parents to your place and u will know how much you can trust his words.