Hello Sir, I am a 24 year old girl. I was in a relationship since the last 2 years, though the first year of our relationship was very peaceful, many problems starting emerging out from the next year. I started to work. The guy, with whom I am, belongs to a business family and they have constraints on woman working outside. But now that I have started working, I know that it’s important for me to grow in my career. After many fights he agreed that no matter what you’ll work but after some more episodes of fights between us he said he needs time to think. Before this job scenario I was frustrated by his behaviour of possessiveness, asking me to have limited talks with guys he doesn’t know. These things lessened my feelings for him to a great extent. We have tried to stay away from each other, but its very emotionally disturbing, so we both have given each other time to think. I know he has improved in many aspects but I sometimes think that I had to fight for the very basic things like my choice of friends, going out, and my career. Should I give this relationship a chance? And how can I convince him for thinking positively?

When you have to struggle for the basic issues then it’s better to come out of this relationship. Even with lot of efforts if you could change him a bit, you would not be able to change others. In short, you have to keep struggling.