Hello Sir!! I am 27 year old female. I was attending some coaching classes while listening to lecturer I got distracted in between because of someone beside me, I am not able to concentrate back. I’ll be looking at lecturer but my concentration is on the person beside. Say while watching TV someone beside me scratches head and I recognized that then I’m not able to bring back my focus to TV I am watching TV and also that persons hand, say I am talking to a lady, if I see that she has deep neck again I’ll be looking at her neck and face at the same time .Some times while sitting in the bus I used to feel people are watching me. This happens only from the time that thought comes into my mind. Please tell me what is my problem, doctor gave me lanopin md 5 is it ok to use it for one year I even developed problem with front part of men .Once I see it remains in thought and even if I turn my head now my mind has both i.e. at it and wherever I am looking at I don’t think anything its fear that there. This will land me in big troubles even when I go out I go in fear now. Its long I am already not going out too often and I manage situation with lot of difficulty. There are no men around in my house currently. Please help me .I am asked to take lanopin md 5.

You are suffering from Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. I do not think that medicine which you are taking is going to solve your problem. Consult psychiatrist.