Hello Sir, I am 25 years old and have been going out with my boyfriend (28 yrs) since last 8 years. We love each other a lot and everything was going well between us. It is also a long-distance relationship since last 4 yrs. My parents are against it because it is inter-religious. I have no issues with that and am ready to go against them. My problem is my boyfriend who is now suddenly very anxious about wedding. He says he is not ready since last 2 yrs and is now asking me to marry someone else as he thinks this might not work. The reason being his unwillingness to adjust. He says he might not be able to adjust himself to a married life. We have been fighting a lot since last 2 yrs and it has only aggravated this problem. I feel very depressed nowadays because of this. I feel lonely. I miss that love. I hate it when we fight. I feel I am losing him or rather lost him. I feel staying closer or together will solve the problem but he doesn’t seem to be very keen on it. I know he is not having another affair. His reasons seem very genuine but I am feeling very sad that he is not that into me anymore. I really want to marry him. How do you suggest that I should deal with this situation? I don’t want to force him in to marrying me.

You don’t want to force him?! In fact, you are indirectly forcing him to marry you since last 2 years!! If you feel that his reasons are genuine then you should overcome your dependence and insecurities and set him free. If he realizes that he cannot stay without you; he will come back, otherwise accept that he never meant to be yours. You cannot force somebody to love you or stay in the relationship.