Hello Sir!!! I am 25, female and I am in love with a guy for near about 1 year, and we were about to get married with our family consent in this December. We both work in the same office. He is a divorcee and after his divorce, he had physical relationship with other girls too. Kissing and hugging his female friends is a very normal practice for him. He told me everything about his past at the time he proposed me but I was having no problem with his past. The biggest issue was he didn’t like me talking to my male friends, colleagues, and not even to guys who are younger to me. Therefore, I called all friends and asked them not to call. He said he too has stopped talking to his female friends. One day I found his mobile bill. He calls a girl 16 to 17 times in a day on phone and they talk for hours and late night phone calls too. He never called me more than 3 times in a day. When I asked him about the same he said he need few female friends to talk about me. I allowed him to talk to them but I got more hurt when he refused to tell me that what they people discussed on any particular day. He said he could not share that. He started hiding his mobile from me, he moves away from me to reply his calls. Moreover, many other things like this One of the girl he talks have proposed him during his college days but he rejected. He says these girls are part of his life before I came into his life but he never had any such feeling for them, which he has for me. He lie on so many occasions, hide every small things from me, which I learn from others. He say he will leave them once we will get married, and I cannot take chance with my life coz I am not sure. I got so much frustrated that I started getting angry in every time his cell is busy during late night, or when he moves far from me to attend his calls and now I m having problem of low Blood Pressure due to this. After trying every best possible thing I broke up with him on 25th Oct. and after that he started getting over friendly with out female colleagues which hurt me a lot and now he is planning to leave the job and moving out of this city, these were just few problems. Now I really do not know what to do next. I am very confused coz I still love him a lot. My question to you is, did I make a right decision leaving him or I should have compromised? I badly need your help. my life has become hell. I cannot concentrate on my work and I am crying whole day. I will be obliged. Thanks and regards

From whatever little description of your boy friend you made in your mail, I guess he is a cheat. You did the right thing. I understand you still love him but he never deserved your love. Accept this truth and go ahead in your life. Try to come out of this bad phase of your life as quick as possible.