Hello sir. I am 22yrs girl doing masters I am in relation with my senior since 6months. Actually we are friends since 4yrs recently he proposed to me. We both had feelings from day 1 of our friendship but dint expressed each other. Now he is working as a software engineer and before telling about my problem I need to tell you about our families. Our both families are against love marriages and very orthodox and I belongs to well settled family, where as he belongs to middle class family and he is having so many responsibilities to fulfill, he has no father, and mother is a heart patient, and 1 elder brother who he is in search of a job whole family is depending on him, now he his planning for higher studies in abroad, so that he can settle very well keeping all this in mind he is avoiding me. He always says that “our families won`t accept our love, and I need more 5 yrs to settle, till that time u can`t wait, more over your parents can`t wait, and my mother is heart patient, and it is too difficult to make our love successful”. My financial status is bothering him a lot and he says that “your parents will find very good and well settled guy than me, so please forget me” which is impossible for me…I love him so much and I am very confident to make our love successful even though my father is against love marriages. I don`t want to lose him now slowly he stopped talking to me. It`s like hell to me, pain and lot of crying like anything even he does not want to miss me, and he too loves me so much ,but just because of parents he says that we have to sacrifice our love. In 3 months he will fly away to abroad if he stays here I have hope of success. But if he flies away I will to lose hope, Please sir suggest some advice we both love each other so much but I dare to do anything but he does not I don`t want to MISS HIM. Please help me out what to do?????

Accept the fact that you are ready to go against your parents for him but unfortunately he is not. Discuss with him, keeping this fact in mind. And still if he is not willing to continue this relation than you should try and move on from this relation for your betterment.