Hello Sir .I am 20yrs old and a 2nd year B.Tech. student. I am away from home and staying in a hostel. I am little shy by nature, may be not completely shy but do not mix easily with people. Although when I entered this course last year I did have a number of friends of both the sexes. But as time passed, in our group some couples started forming and there was also a girl to whom I was attracted to and she was also attracted to me because I started getting signals from her. There were a number of guys after her and they said something about me to her which created a lot of confusion and in the end I had to move out of that circle. This was about three months later. There were rumors about me and this girl already floating in the class for quite some time now and now since I had moved out of this group of ours I was not easily accepted by other. Now the point is I don’t have many friends. When I have a friend I open up very easily to him or her and I think this is my weakness because people then start taking me for granted and start using me because I am helping by nature. Now I don’t have many friends on whom I can depend upon. I need help. Please tell me what the problem in me is and what do I need to change.

Friendship is like a wine, you have to allow it to get matured before you start enjoying it. You seem to be a person who develops dependence fast. So before your friendship gets matured you start flowing and probably that is why friends might be taking you for granted. Keep this fact in mind and then go slowly before you start sharing and dependening.