Hello I’ m in a problem. I need your help as soon as possible. I am 21. My boyfriend is 18. I am a Punjabi girl and he is a baniya. We are in a relationship since 3 years. Our families have come to know about this relationship. We both really love each other very much. My family is saying tell the boy to commit in front of his family and my family that he is serious with me. My family is saying if he does not commit, I cannot talk to him. My boyfriend is scared to talk to his parents though his parents know. Please could u tell me how I can convince my boyfriend to commit to my family? Please help me please we both really love each other. However, my boyfriend is hesitating to talk to his parents as he says they will say no. please help me please. How can I explain and convince my boyfriend that he commits it. Thank u

If he loves you then he has to show this much of courage. Your love should have at least strength of accepting it in front of any one on this earth. Discuss with him and ask him to admit his love for you and your relations to your parents (both side). There is nothing to convince on this, its matter of common sense.