Hello, I am 46, male. I am divorced 10 years ago. I don’t have any children and my divorced wife married to someone else. I am a teacher in one college. Few months ago I fell in love with one of my student. She is 19yrs old. She is a beauty of heaven. I got involved in her and got involved physically. After a month we found that she has missed her periods so we did register marriage. Now she is having her 3rd month. Problem is that her parents don’t know about all these things. Also how can I convince them for this relationship? Also, people comment on our relationship. What should I do now?

It is difficult to convince her parents for this but you do not have any other option also. Both of you should go together and disclose the facts to them. You may have to face anger, humiliation etc. Be prepared.
Difference of age will start bothering you once lust is over and that will increase as years passes. Your insecurity, possession and expectation will also increase with time. She may find that you are lacking enthusiasm after a decade. Your needs and her needs will be totally different at various stages of life, this you should keep in mind.