Hello, I am 21 yr old guy , this is the 1st time am in a relationship with a girl for 3months .We had intercourse also .Sir I thought I really loved this girl when I met her & I thought I’ll spend my entire life with her. I now realize I was so wrong. I don’t feel that way for her now. I want to get out of this relationship, but I am feeling really bad coz I don’t want to hurt her I tried to tell this to her before but I couldn’t coz I am feeling bad as I don’t want to hurt her. Please suggest me how to handle this situation. Am I doing wrong?

You have not mentioned what went wrong. However, if you have decided to get out of the relationship, you cannot do it without hurting her. Discuss honestly with her about your decision and try to justify your points. If she will convinced with your honesty and your reasons sounds genuine to her then she will have some consolation.