Hello Dr, I’m in love with a girl from 2 yrs, we work in same company…..She is very good girl….I like her a lot and I’m going to marry her in a year or so. The problem is I’m possessive and super sensitive in all the things and she is completely opposite….She has lot of friends(boys)….whenever she talks to some boy, I get too hyper, but don’t ask her directly, but somehow she’ll figure out that I’m angry and there will be a small fight for one day and again its normal, the problem is I want to avoid these kind of fights as they might become big in future and whenever we fight she’ll be normal and my face will be like roasted egg. So everyone will ask her what has happened and my girl is not comfortable with that….I want to control my emotions when something bad happens or when there is a fight….it is also affecting my profession….Please suggest on how to control my emotions Thank you and have a nice day!!!

You have to work on your sensitive nature and raise your EQ. For this you have to take professional help as it is a long process and it involves lot of guided efforts.