Hello doctor, the problem is with my cousin sis. She has been brought up in a joint family, at the initial time her father, means my uncle wasn’t having any job so her bringing up depended on others. She didn’t even get proper care from her parents, was left on her own from before. She grew up wearing boy’s dresses and didn’t show any hint of being a girl from her appearance. Everyone over-looked thinking that it will be ok by time, but it got worsened. She had many with girls. Now she can’t accept herself as a girl and wants to go for a sex change. It has affected all of us badly. Because we being in a conservative middle class family can’t accept it and moreover she has left all attempts to recover from it. It will be of great help if you solve this problem. She has also attempted suicide many times. I beg u for her normal life Hope to get your reply as soon as possible… Thanking you.

Medically this condition is called Transsexualism. Physically she is female but psychologically she is male. Her nurturing must have played a major role in strengthening her psyche as a male than a female. Transsexuals are very determined for gender change and they can go to any extent for that. Although, some of them are satisfied with cross dressing only and others go to extent of surgery. Even suicidal attempts are common amongst them. However, one needs to rule out mental illnesses like Schizophrenia  in such cases. Consult Psychiatrist for further help.