Hello Doctor, It’s about my parent’s relationship. It was all great until 2005. Since then, my dad does not trust my mom; he doubts her all the time on having unethical relation with other men. I am 100% that my mother is clean. He creates issues out of stupid imagination of his like he says that someone comes to our house when all fall asleep & says that your mom is too smart to mix some kind of doze in our food so that we don’t get to know what’s happening. To listen to all this gets really puckish at times when we, the kids, are of age like 25. This is one instance that I told you what he says, there are many things like this which we know are impossible because we were always present there but he would say “No, You don’t know anything” It’s been quite few years now, we have consulted many Doctors & psychiatrist & psychologists because we assumed that all this is happening after he got paralytic stroke in 2005. But, we have not been able to keep the treatment regular because my dad does not listen to us anymore & says I am all Okay. It’s a difficult situation because we can’t let our mother suffer since she is not at fault, we can’t see our dad getting restless since we believe that he is ill. Kindly advice. Thanks a lot.

It seems that your father is suffering from some paranoid disorder. If he does not take treatment then you should go to psychiatrist and ask for medicines which can be given in food. You have to give these medicines to him without his knowledge so that his thoughts can be controlled. There is no other way by which you can control his suspicion.