Hello doctor, I need your advice. I want to discuss the problem of my brother and his wife. They had a married life of around 3 years. The problem is the abnormal behavior and short tempered nature of my bhabhi. The problem was started just after their marriage. She got tempered even without any sufficient reason. Sometimes that makes reason of fighting between bhaiya and bhabhi. My brother loves her so much but she makes doubt on him on his each activities. She said that he has relation with other ladies and he interested in other ladies. This is not true. Even we have to be very careful while talking with her because anything can make her tempered. We had tried so many times to know the reason of her short tempered nature but everything is in vein. Now her nature makes her and my brother’s life miserable. Please help us and suggest some way to change her nature.

Was she short tempered and suspicious before marriage? If she was, she may have personality problems or psychotic illness. If she wasn’t, she may have some relationship issues. In both cases it is better to see Psychiatrist. To change some one’s nature, one requires that person’s support and willingness to change. You can not change her nature by changing yourself with out her cooperation in the process.