Hello Doctor, I’m in big problem. I use to be very thin till 2 years back. I am married since 6 years. 1st year everything was good. But one day in a small fight my husband told me that I’m flat from back and front top like a bidi. These words have changed my entire life. Now 4 years passed but still I’m in pain. Now I’m not thin but little slim. Now main problem is I love him so much and don’t allow him to watch vulgarity on TV, Movies, Newspaper. I take lot of pain to cut pictures of models from The Times Of India. I also lock the channels like AXN, HBO. Etc… I get hurt when intentionally or accidentally he watches girls with cheap dresses. He loves me and now understands and co-operates with me. But also it turns into big fights on few occasions. I don’t like when he watches girls with big bust. And I don’t allow him to come closer to me. Also I try to hide my body while doing sex. I feel what he wants is what I don’t have. But he has really big size. So I can’t comment on his body. Please help, how should I get out of this hell life?

Accept your body. Certain things you cannot choose in life. To considerable extent your body is God’s gift. By not allowing him to watch other women’s body you are depriving him and increasing his curiosity. You are not going to get anything out of this except wasting your energy and mental peace.