Hello Doctor, I got married this Jan-2007. My wife is not ready to accept me. We never had any physical relationship; indeed, she doesn’t allow me to touch her. She tells, she is not having any feelings for me and not ready to create physical relationship. She told me her parents insisted her to do marry. However, she is happy with my parents. We did not talk each other, in a day we see each other only 3-4 times and talk around 5-7 minutes. Earlier I thought after some time she can manage, but it is long time over, around 10 months. Now a day she is hardly trying to mix-up with me, when we have dinner that time only talk with me as well as watch TV also, it means she has fixed time for me 20 mins. It is very irritating for me. I am losing my confidence and no more interested for her. Please suggest me a solution.

You should talk to your and her parents about this. She might be taking revenge on her parents because they forced her to marry you. Pressurize her parents to intervene and clarify her past. She may not like this but you have to take control over situation. If nothing fruitful comes out then think of seperation.