Hello Doctor, I am now married for almost 1.5 years now staying with in-laws. We had a love marriage but my mother-in-law never used to like me even before marriage. But my husband convinced them for marriage somehow. I am a working woman and educated as much as my husband. We both are financially independent and strong. Last few months I have become very depressed. I have lost almost 7-8kgs after marriage. I never had good relationship with my mother-in-law in specific. She is very conservative and orthodox. I don’t like her attitude. She feels pride in making me inferior at house. She behaves bossy at home and wants everyone to do things her way. It was intercaste marriage so the relation between parents was also not that great but they have been peaceful and meeting only at functions etc. She expects me to do all the work at home after coming from office. I do all my work, cleaning our room, washing my clothes and my husbands, cooking dinner for all but she expects more. Because of work pressures and all these household chores, I always remain tired and it’s affecting our sex life. We don’t have intercourse for up to 1 month sometimes. We haven’t planned for baby yet. He is very supporting, loving and caring but he can’t say anything to his parents. He says he feels little guilty of forcing his parents for this marriage and you have to maintain relations with his mom anyways. He is also not ready right now to move in to a different house for us on rent. He says you will not be able to manage alone and we should stay together. She is a very rough women, speaks very rudely to me, and curses me for one or the other thing daily. My colleague’s even at work have noticed my mood swings, rudeness and sometimes a sarcastic behavior. I have always lived an independent life and financially sound but still my home depresses me. Even if there is no work at office, I don’t take a off and go to office because I know if I would be at home, I would be made to get up early and do household chores. She really blows up an issue if I am at home and not helping her. Please suggest what should I do? Thanks.

You have to involve your husband into this. He cannot run away from this problem just by saying that he already feels guilty about it. If he cannot tell his parents then he should start helping you in house work and sharing responsibilities. He should also stand by you in wrong things done by your mother in law. Baby at this stage may act as a breather.