Hello Doctor. I am married for more than a year. Mine is an arranged marriage. My husband loves me a lot and vice versa. But we are having many problems in life. He had resigned from his job after a month of their marriage. He got the job after a period of around 8 months which he left with in 1 month due to some reason. He is not doing any job now. He is not able to sleep at night and remain sleeping till 2 pm in afternoon. He is very possessive about me. Though he loves me a lot, but he does not trust on me. He used to ask several questions even when I got a little late from work. He used to say bad words to me and feels that I can go with some other guy and can have relations elsewhere. Later on, I got to know that he is suffering from a major psychiatric problem and depression. That is why he is unable to trust me. Moreover, he has seen some woman like this in his office which affected him. He is also affected from the movies and news which show about a woman ditching. This is about the emotional problem. Then, there is problem in our physical relationship also. He does not have a desire for it. I was supporting him by saying everything is fine and will sort out on time. But deep inside I know everything is not fine. It’s been more than a year and we did not have intercourse. We are seeing a leading psychiatrist. But now, my patience is giving way. We also have financial problem. I am bearing all the expense though he spends it very wisely. But he has never spent any money of his own on me though he has some savings. He buys birthday gifts for his brother and sister-in-law but not for me on my birthday and anniversary. He is very secretive and rarely discusses about his past and future which disturbs me. He always says that he can not live without me and so please don’t leave me ever. He is emotionally dependent on me and vice-versa. Once I refused to spend more money telling him to be responsible and bear his and mine burden on his own. In a rage, he told me to give money for the months I lived in his house (as if I lived in a PG) and he actually used my ATM and taken a few thousands without asking or telling me. I was not able to bear more and left his house. Now I feel for him and am divided whether I should end the relation or give it another chance. Everyone else is telling me to leave him. I am in a dilemma what to do? Please help

From your description it seems that he is suffering from psychotic illness (most probably Schizophrenia) and not Depression. You should ask exact medical diagnosis to treating Psychiatrist, major psychiatric problem is a vague term. If it is Schizophrenia then ask about prognosis (i.e. outcome). Schizophrenia is chronic disorder and gives life long ailment. You have to live with his oddity. If you are mentally prepared for this then go on. ( You should also discuss this issue with treating psychiatrist in his absence).
His sexual problems may be a part of an illness or side effects of medicines. However you can not afford to stop medicines with out psychiatrist’s advice.