Got married at the age of 30 + Same community but through website. My husband is three years elder to me and much attached to his father and brother sisters. I faced many problems initially coz of that. We could not get out anywhere alone within 6-7 months. I was not given importance and always use to feel let down very often. After two months of my marriage I found out that, he had two affairs and couple of flings. He then told me that he used to be a flirt. The first affair he had seemed to me a serious affair and the girl was from his sister’s in-laws side. They tried to have intercourse one day but were not successful. I was shocked to hear all that as I had heard about that girl a lot from my in-laws. After sometime this girl who is now abroad came to meet her parents and my husband forced me to invite her for dinner as her sister would expect us to do so. I did that reluctantly. Wherever that girl was invited, we were also invited and we met her almost daily for at least one month. After that my husband went out of town and in his absence I checked his email. I found that this girl and my husband has exchanged emails after the visit of hers (although they were not talking to each other after her marriage). I also found my husband chatting online to some other girl with whom he used to chat before marriage. My problem is that even today I am unable to accept the fact that he had attempted to have intercourse before marriage as I wanted a person with clean past and he never mentioned anything to me at the time of our courtship and now after so many years again started talking. I just cannot take these things out of my mind. He loves my son and me a lot. Not in touch with that girl anymore and does not have flirtatious nature now. Do you think I am overreacting?

It is natural to feel cheated in these circumstances but you have to come out of it for two reasons. Whatever they tried to do is before your marriage. Secondly, He has changed for good (that’s what you have mentioned). So accept his past and go ahead in life, there is no point in remembering it when you feel that he is not the same old guy.